OCN is celebrating it's 35 year anniversary

About OCN

OCN - What we do
We design and manufacture equipment for the production of rods and bars, profiles, hollow bars and tubes. We are present in all areas of the production process, from foundry to extrusion, to drawing, to product packaging and handling, to automatic control of the quality parameters involved in both process and finished product.
OCN - Who we are
Established in 1977, OCN designs and manufactures systems and equipment for the metallurgical industry, with outstanding experience in the field of non-ferrous metals (brass and bronze, copper and copper alloys, aluminum alloys).


High precision chamfering machine for bars

Next Generation Chamfer

OCN has recently designed and supplied a revolutionary chamfering machine. 

The new chamfering machine has been designed with the 3D CNC machine standards in mind, and it can reach up to 0.02mm accuracy on chamfer concentricity.

This unprecenented accuracy level has been reached by laser position recognition of each bar end and by driving the chamfering head accordingly.

New OCN Equipment Covers

New Equipment Covers

OCN has recently re-designed all of the equipment protective covers and guards.Neat, safe and practical. These were the principal characters kept in mind during the designing process with a professional designing firm who in turn proposed various models and options to choose from. We are pleased and proud to unveil the new look of future OCN machines.